Nigeria Innovation and Invention Challenge (NIIC)

Are you Creative – Are you Innovative -  Are you an Inventor? Do you have an idea or a project at hand

This is your opportunity to be recognized and get financial support.

NIIC is a challenge to encourage innovation and invention. It is organized periodically to support the works of ingenuities leveraging different innovative tools to implement social impact in Nigeria.

NIIC is open to all Nigerians who put innovation as a priority to creating solutions.

Grand prizes are award to the winner.


One Million Naira ( N 1,000,000) cash prize will be awarded to the winner.

Other Benefits

  • Engaging with potential investors.
  • Business development, entrepreneurship training and mentorship.
  • Access to Technical experts who can support product development.
  • Networking with other innovators and inventors.
  • Access to innovation hub where there are means to develop prototypes.
  • Application Requirements
  • Timeline Structure
  • Grading

Eligibility Requirements

  1. NIIC is strictly for Nigerians Citizens with innovative solutions.
  2. Located in Nigeria and aspire to grow and scale within the Nigerian ecosystem.
  3. Innovative solutions will come from any of the define area of interest.
  4. Individuals, organizations and institutions are welcome to participate.
  5. Innovations must be unique.

Application is FREE


Processes & Structure

* Submission of Applications: Those who meet all criteria are invited to apply until 4th March, 2022

Applicants will be contacted with information regarding the first stage - online presentation via Zoom platform. This will include date, link and other relevant information will be communicated between 5th – 14th March, 2022.

* Stage 1 - Online Assessment: 15th – 29th March 2022:

Applicants will be subjected to an online assessment where they make a 10-minute presentation of the inventions.  Presentation will be assessed by juries and the best ten (10) innovation will be selected to proceed to the next stage.

Presentation format

  • Presentation is to be done via Zoom platform.
  • Each project / innovation presentation is scheduled for 7 minutes while 3 minutes is allotted for questions and answers. Total of 10 minutes.
  • The project / innovation will be displayed where necessary presenting.

* Stage 2 Project Evaluation: 5th – 19th April, 2022: 

* Presentation of Prize Award: 26th April 2022: The cash prize award will be presented to the winner of the competition.

Grading Stages

There are two stages to grade participants for the winner to emerge.

First stage - Online Assessment

Second Stage - Social Media Campaign


1. Online Assessment -  75 points.

Entries will be assessed by juries virtually via Zoom platform. All participants will go through this process for a period of two weeks. The judges will grade using the following guideline;

  • Idea – 15 points
  • Technology – 15 points
  • Impact – 15 points
  • Practicality – 15 points
  • Presentation – 15 points

After the Online Assessment, the best ten (10) projects will be chosen to proceed to the next stage.


2. Social Media Campaign - 25 points.

At the stage, the exhibition of the ten (10) finalist will be published at OCIIP social media handles (Facebook & Instagram). The finalists are expected to campaign for votes in the form of ‘Likes’ for OCIIP handle and their project for a period of 2 weeks. The points earned are as follows;

  • Highest Likes – 25 points
  • Second highest Like – 15 points
  • Third highest Likes – 5 points

The total points from the first and second stage will be aggregated, and the finalist with the HIGHEST POINT will emerge the WINNER.

Timeline Phases of the Challenge


Fill the application Form - open till
4th of March, 2022

First Stage:
Online Assessment

15th - 29th March, 2022

Second Stage:
Project Evaluation

5th - 19th April, 2022

Presentation of Grand Prize Award to the winner

26th April 2022

Application Process



Indicate interest to participate, register @

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Upload Innovation

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Join the Challenge

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