OCIIP Membership

We are an ensemble of inventors, students, universities, corporations, companies, and research centers collaborating in an unparalleled way to disseminate invention and innovation culture internationally.

OCIIP provides its members with the required information, linkages, and outstanding opportunities to share and discover innovative ideas and create an expanded network.

We offer two categories of membership – Individual and Corporate.

Membership Benefits

Advisory services on IP protection and Inventor Assistance Program WIPO IAP

Contribute to the commercialization of green inventions through WIPO GREEN Program

Opportunities to commercialization of inventions through OCIIP ICCD Program

Introduction to National and International Innovation Grants and Funding Opportunities 

Free access to global development technology platform for innovations, funding, and insights Global Innovation Exchange (GIE)

Virtual display of inventions and sharing the stories of invention development though OCIIP Virtual Hall of Inventions

Increased outreach, recognition, and international interaction with the OCIIP Wide network of a members.

Create the opportunity to connect with key international players from business, academy, and institutions.

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