OCIIP Nigeria and The Patent Magazine: A New Partnership

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OCIIP Nigeria has signed an international partnership with the “The Patent Magazine” to promote the culture of innovation and give visibility to the brightest minds.

Supporting young inventors, encouraging matching between stakeholders and presenting the most innovative prototypes: these are the objectives of the partnership signed between “The Patent” and OCIIP (Organization for Creativity, Innovation and Invention Promotion) Nigeria. Thanks to this agreement, the magazine will become the privileged channel for the dissemination and promotion of the activities and the services promoted by the partner.

Organization for Creativity, Innovation and Invention Promotion, Nigeria is a nonprofit governmental organization, with the aim of promoting and supporting creative ingenuities, innovation and inventions of Nigerians globally. We disseminate the culture of invention and innovation and establish cooperation with the related organizations from idea generation up to the level to product commercial exploitation for societal values. OCIIP cooperates closely with international organizations of importance in the realisation of its objectives. OCIIP is headquartered in Nigeria.

OCIIP Nigeria Event Schedule depicts both local and international events showcasing innovation and new technologies exhibition, new products and invention fair, design expositions and contests in various fields. Among the field of inventions, one can refer to the agricultural products, hand tools, computer wares, green technologies, machinery, power technology, and consumer electronics. This provides an excellent opportunity offered to members to create a valuable network of communication, exchange the innovative knowledge, negotiate the licensing of their inventions and enjoy the programs organized alongside the event including forums, workshops and seminars.

OCIIP and The Patent Magazine

Preview on the pages of “The Patent” and on the website www.thepatent.news the inventions, patents and activities promoted by OCIIP will. Their projects are strongly in tune with the spirit of the magazine and it has been decided to stipulate a Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion of activities of common interest.

Patent Guru and “The Patent” are confident that this partnership will help advance the inventor community and the world of innovation.

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