OCIIP Mentorship

OCIIP serves as a cornerstone, support system and promoter of innovations. We provide mentorship, guidance and training to young and aspiring inventors and innovators. We constantly hunt for mentors in different area of expertise that are willing to dedicate their time to mentoring young inventors. Mentors provide ongoing support and guidance to inventors and help them through their innovation journey. Mentor leads innovators in the right direction and provide assistance when necessary. Mentors render firsthand coaching.

For this reason, our mentors are enthusiastic about creativity  and  add value to the innovation ecosystem.

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Benefits

Roles and Responsibilities

  • As an expert you will offer guidance in accordance to your expertise to help aspiring inventors.
  • Coach inventor on their path to success.
  • Lead facilitator for workshop and training sessions


  • Enlistment into OCIIP database of Mentors
  • Opportunity to collaborate with fellow mentors globally.
  • Access to new innovations, inventions and researches.
  • Opportunity to network with renowned and aspiring inventors and innovators.
  • OCIIP Memorial Certificate of Mentorship

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    What We Do

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