International Jury

give virtual assessment to exhibition

International Jury

International Jury

With a wide range of international innovative programs and expo we organize for innovators and inventors to showcase their ingenuity; we have assembled a team of international Juries with vision of stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship to improve performance and accountability of inventors worldwide. The responsibility will take place virtually. The major role of the jury board is to monitor, assess and select outstanding innovations from our different expo.

Juries support invention by sharing their expertise and providing invaluable feedback to help inventors develop their ideas into reality.

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Benefits

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Review, score and provide feedback on exhibitions from inventors around the globe.
  • The exhibition judging occurs virtually through our user friendly platform that allows you to review and save work along the way.
  • Follow the rubric and expectations and provide thoughtful, constructive and age-appropriate feedback for each submitted project
  • Complete submission review and comments prior to the judging deadline
  • Agree to confidentiality terms that protect students’ intellectual property


  • Enlistment into OCIIP database of International Juries
  • Opportunity to collaborate with fellow juries globally.
  • Access to new innovations, inventions and researches.
  • Educational Advancement; Equip inventors with knowledge, confidence, social skills they need to effectively lead innovation.
  • Opportunity to network with renowned and aspiring inventors and innovators.
  • OCIIP Memorial Certificate of Mentorship

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