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Global Women Invention & Innovation Network (GWIIN) Conference, Showcase and Awards Ceremony is to be staged in London, the birthplace of GWIIN, the capital of the United Kingdom following Singapore, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Finland, Nigeria, Iceland, Ghana, Sweden and Italy during 27-28 June 2019.

As GWIIN works in partnership with WinTRADE week, this great 21st-century city with history stretching back to Roman times, will serve as hostess to anyone involved in viable new ideas, innovation, research and enterprise.

From building digital infrastructures, new science to low technology, high viability concepts and products, GWIIN was set up in 1998 followed by the European chapter in 2006. The main aim is to bridge the gender gap with effective ways of bringing support, tools and information to assist women in achieving significant growth.

Who should Attend

  • Innovative Enterprising Women from all Sectors
  • People in Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Artists, Artisans and Creative people
  • Policy Makers, Relevant Government Departments and Agencies
  • Intellectual Property Organisations
  • Private and Public sector Organisations
  • Banks, Financial Institutions, Investment and Manufacturing Companies
  • Personal and Professional Development Managers
  • NGO’s, Grass Root Business OrganisationsEducation Institutions, Researchers and Academics
  • Business Development Organisations and Donor Agencies
  • Gender and Diversity Consultants Sponsors and Supporters
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