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    ⇒ Promote works of creativity, innovations, and inventions across Nigeria and abroad.

    ⇒ Serve as a typical organization for all Nigerians to exhibit their Creativity, Innovation, and Invention to the international community.

    ⇒ Assist in creating national and world awareness in matters relating to inventiveness and creativity.

    ⇒ Create a forum to keep inventors abreast of current developments in the world of  inventions worldwide.

    ⇒ Inspire and support creative and innovative activities in Nigeria.

    ⇒ Coordinate all the activities of the Nigerian inventors, innovators, and works of  creativity.

    ⇒ Secure as much as possible the cooperation and collaboration with international inventors organizations in other countries for resource and idea exchange.

    ⇒ To cooperate with the Patent Office and related Intellectual Property Office for the benefit of inventors.

    ⇒ Organize competitions and exhibitions to encourage, stimulate innovation, invention, and creativity among Nigerians and recognize participants with awards and cash prizes.

    ⇒ Encourage the government to support inventors in grants.

    ⇒ Maintain correspondence with the national Intellectual Property Offices.

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