Africa OCIIP Expo 2020

 In Innovation

This Expo will deliberate on the need to foster the culture of creativity and innovations in Africa, leading to impactful development; addresses the exponential changes needed to significantly improve continental economic standards. It seeks to mobilize a network of innovators, researchers, investors, inventors driving business developers for networking and cross-collaboration. This is an initiative led by the Organization for Creativity, Innovation, and Invention Promotion (OCIIP), Nigeria. We partner with the world’s leading innovation and creativity providers from the academic community, Innovation agencies, government parastatals, and industry to promote the works of creativity, innovation and inventions across Nigerian and the global innovation ecosystems. The key features of this Expo are the keynote presentations, panel discussions, exhibition, and presentation of prizes and awards to outstanding innovation.


Increase the affluence of Africa by promoting and catalyzing the innovation spirit to see value-based innovation and impact for continental development.



1. The Expo offers a great platform for academic institutions and research centers in Africa to showcase their research works, products, and services.
2. It affords a great opportunity to network with government, businesses, and international organizations at the Expo.
3. They will leverage the great media coverage and publicity before the Expo, during, and after the Expo.
4. Opportunity to promote the latest research at the Expo through the paper presentation, exhibitions, branding, and publication of their research work.
5. An opportunity to learn new trends in intellectual property, emerging technologies around the world.
6. Opportunity to connect with leading institutions.
7. Leading research organizations and institutions are recognized at the Expo.



1. Start-ups will connect to investors at the Expo.
2. Start-ups will have the opportunity to connect with leading creativity and innovation ecosystems around the world.
3. Innovative start-ups are promoted, recognized, and offered mentorship opportunities through OCIIP Innovation Hub.
4. Business development opportunities from leading organizations.
5. An opportunity to collaborate with businesses, government, international organizations, and provide solutions for them.
6. Innovative start-ups will have the opportunity to showcase their products and services at the Expo.


1. This Expo provides the platform for government agencies to share their agenda, projects and initiatives towards promoting technology, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Africa.
2. The Expo helps the government learn and understand global trends in innovation from experts and speakers at the Summit.
3. It helps foster collaboration between the government and private sectors.
4. It affords the government the opportunity to meet and network with key players in both local and international innovation and technology ecosystem.
5. It connects government to international organizations, who are willing to work with them at all levels to drive innovation in their sector.
6. Government agencies that are doing great work in the ecosystem are recognized at the Summit.



Participation for the expo is FREE and open for all irrespective of the area of discipline or specialization.

Manufacturing and commercial companies and enterprises [|] Inventors and private researchers [|] Consultancies [|] Laboratories [|] Universities [|] Private and State-owned Research institutes and other organizations [|] Patent brokers and promoters of innovation [|] Associations and similar bodies [|] Service and financial organizations [|] Publishers [|] National, regional and international organizations.


Hundreds will be showcasing their invention, innovation, product, and services for possible engagement and facilitate connections with investors, clients & partners. Virtual Exhibition Booth is FREE. 

1. Showcase your work to a global audience.
2. Stand a chance to win the Innovation prize fund.
3. Engage with possible investors for commercialization.
4. Outstanding opportunity to promote your innovation.



Awards will be given to the organization and institution that recognizes and promote the culture and ecosystem of creativity and innovation.

Innovation Funds will be given to outstanding invention, innovation, and works or creativity after duly screened by competent juries.


Date: 17th – 19th November 2020

Venue: Online Virtual Expo


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