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OCIIP Academy

OCIIP Academy

One of the primary objectives of OCIIP is to improve the situation of inventors and extend the scope of independent inventors around the world. So far, a large proportion of OCIIP activities have been geared towards achieving. Education and training are the most prominent activities to expand innovative thinking. With OCIIP potentials, this academy fulfils and enhances the fundamental requirements of members to boost their ingenuity. OCIIP Academy is a practical oriented training academy, offering a wide range of innovation courses. It works to empower creative minds by promoting self-reliance through education, mentoring and sustainable development solutions.

Our vision is to be the center of excellence in innovation training and create a generation of young inventors ready to create solutions that are responsive to the needs of the changing society.

Core Functions

  • To develop and transfer science, technology and innovation into products and services
  • To benchmark with other institutions and liaise with industry
  • To carry out research programs
  • To adopt programs that address the needs of the innovation ecosystem
  • To offer training in science and technology, innovation education and other training, thus developing a big number of competent individuals.




What We Do

⪢ Invention and Innovation Expo

⪢ Grants & Funding Opportunities

⪢ Innovation Commercialization

What We Do

⪢ Creativity and Innovation Club

⪢ STEAM Innovation Exhibition

⪢ Patent Profiling