Who we are and What we do

Organization for Creativity, Innovation and Invention Promotion, Nigeria  (OCIIP Nigeria) is a nonprofit governmental organization, with the aim of promoting and supporting creative ingenuities, innovation and inventions of Nigerians globally.

We disseminate the culture of invention and innovation and establish cooperation with the related organizations from idea generation up to the level to product commercialization for societal values.

OCIIP Nigeria cooperates closely with international organizations of importance in the realization of its objectives. OCIIP Nigeria is headquartered in Nigeria.

Objectives and related activities.

  • To promote works of creativity, innovations and inventions across Nigeria and abroad.
  • To serve as common organization for all Nigerians to exhibits their works of Creativity, Innovation and Invention to the international community.
  • To assist in creating national and world awareness in matters relating to inventiveness and creativity.
  • To create a forum to keep inventors abreast of current developments in the world of inventions worldwide.
  • To inspire and support inventive and innovative activities in Nigeria.
  • To coordinate all the activities of the Nigerian inventors, innovators and works of creativity.
  • To secure as much as possible the cooperation and collaboration with international inventors organizations in other countries for resource and idea exchange.
  • To cooperate with the Patent Office and related Intellectual Property Office for the benefit of inventors.
  • Organize competitions and exhibitions to encourage, stimulate innovation, invention and creativity among Nigerians and recognize participants with awards and cash prizes.
  • Encourage the government to support inventors.
  • Involve the government in the organization of related events.
  • Maintain correspondence with the national Intellectual Property Offices.

Exploring Greatness

Disruptive analytical thinking with a view of challenging the status quo is what proceeds creativity and innovation.

There’s always a better way of getting things done!

Michael Esuong
President OCIIP Nigeria